Monday, August 22, 2011

Proud aunt..

Austin Kendall Preskitt is here..these are just cell phn pics.

8lbs 7ozs, 20 inches

Thursday, May 19, 2011

chalkboard table

I just LOVE all the chalkboard stuff and the chalkboard paint! It's awesome.

So I had this end table that was free from a yard sale. They had a couple stuff left over and was just giving stuff away. I'd used this thing for about a year in the "office area." I have no real before pictures but I'm sure you've seen some tables like it before. Pure ugly really..but since it was free.. :)

I saw this table and got the idea. I thought it turned out pretty cute for my 1st chalkboard project. The table actually didn't match anything in my house too good. I thought it would..but afterwards it didn't look so good with all my browns. See the living room is basically brown with touches of tan, white, and red in it.. I thought the red table would be a pop of color in the room, but the chalkboard just didn't go good with the brown walls, so I gave the table away. After all it was free..and this was somewhat of an experiment. Here's the pics:

The red part is distressed somewhat with black paint.

I have a bad habit of takin crooked pictures. It's something I'm working on.. :)

what ya think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The door..

I am a blogaholic.. if that's a word. I just love all these home decor/crafty blogs. I've seen several pictures recently with people using doors, windows, shutters and all kinds of stuff.. redoing them and using them for decoration purposes. So here's my door that I purchased from habitat for humanity restore (which I love by the way). It had a few scratches and marks on it so I took some leftover white ceiling paint and made it look new again..then I glazed it (first time glazing) and added a knob. It turned out pretty good I think.

Then I made a couple things last moss covered wreath and moss covered monogram. I've been seeing a ton of these and loved them so I decided I'd give it a try and they turned out wonderful and look great on my lil door. (The ribbon on the monogram was just some scrap I found not what I'll actually be using..)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New floor and some other stuff..

Well we put a new floor down in part of the house this week! I was soo excited to get the old, NASTY, carpet out of there. I told several people that whoever owned this house before us walked around with coffee in their hands all the time and must've shook all the time too (no offense to anyone who shakes...just sayin).Literally!!!! I've never seen any carpet dirtier. When we moved in we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and it was still stained bad! Well let's see some before and after and in between pictures...

Can't see it really clear. Just trust me, it was realy dirty.

Michael and Brandon ripping the mess up..

Aaahh.. much better!

 Also, over the weekend we went and seen some of my favorite singers/musicians...Gordan Mote, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Crabb family (Reunited!!). It was an amazing concert and I loved it so much...but I forgot my camera. Which is very typical of me :) ..I found this video from that night tho..enjoy :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

I've been so busy havn't had any time to blog.. It's Christmas time ..the most wonderful time of the year!!

Parties, candy, presents, trees, lights, shopping, baking, the list goes on and on, but don't forget JESUS! He's the real reason of the season. What have you gave Him for His birthday?

Christmas stuff..
Here's a one of my creations that I made for myself and my mom..It is so impossible to get a stocking cap over my head/bun lol, so therefore the head wrap/band whatever you want to call it. I love it!

Our Christmas photo..thanks to Selena Dunn.

 We've had 2 snows in our new home!! And we're looking for many more this winter...

 Our Christmas tree.. I'm a cheap person..every ornament/decoration is bought after Christmas when they are 50%-75% off.. :) and I have yet to buy a tree skirt.. well the presents cover up the ugly part anyway lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season and a happy New Year!!! Be safe in your travels!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

here's what we've been up too..

Just a few pics to show you some of the before and after.. I realize that most of these pictures are not the same view, but it is the same room with the ugly colors before, and the new :) The rooms have not been put completely together.. (no curtains, no *matching* bedspread, etc) so therefore just basic pictures of the color schemes..

Living room before (Burnt Orange at top, Goldish color at bottom)
Living Room After (Safari Beige at top, White at bottom)
Kitchen Before (Mint Green top, Goldish color bottom)
Kitchen After (Pale Green top, white bottom)
To do list: Paint Kitchen Cabinets, recover chairs, put up curtains, etc..
Master Bath Before (Light Coral color)
Bathroom After (Very light tan)
Master Bedroom before (Dark Navy Blue)
 Master bedroom After (light gray)
There's much more to do in the house. The upstairs has not been completed at all, so more pics to come later of that. Lots of projects... I will post as we go along! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home sweet home..

Since the last post..lots have happened in our world.. lots of ups and downs.. but we are now in our new home. Have been for about 2 weeks now, and we're loving it! I've got the downstairs pretty much straight, and the upstairs of the home is taking some time. We have completely painted the downstairs and will continue with the upstairs when we get some extra time (may be a while). I have some before and after pictures that I want to post sometime... the change was amazing.. It really is wild what paint can do!! Pictures will not do justice I know, but you will see soon.. The landscaping needs lots of work, and I know nothing about landscaping or planting or flowers.. Slowly but surely it will all come together! :)

Our Home